• We believe in conscious leadership, focusing on environmental, social, cultural & global impacts on our interrelated world
  • We support small businesses & the handmade craft movement
  • Our goal is to empower youth, teens & the young at heart through handcrafted traditions & creative self-expression

Serving Wichita & the surrounding Midwest region, we support the arts in Kansas by providing a creative sew-space to dream, create & reconnect. We strive to create an inspiring learning environment where every student gains:

·       Art & craft appreciation

·       Fine motor abilities & creative problem-solving skills

·       A stronger sense of self-worth, community & giving back

·       A global worldview & their role in it

·       A life-long thirst for knowledge & education


TISSU Sewing Studio is a contemporary fashion sewing "school" bringing back (with style) time-honored fashion arts & techniques with a modern twist. Meaning “fabric” in French, TISSU encourages high-quality craftsmanship & attention to detail on all our lessons & classroom projects. We offer instruction in:

  • Sewing
  • Fashion Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Costumes (historical, cultural)
  • Sustainable Design
  • Global Crafts

Our classes/workshops are catered to ALL ages.


Ms. Nina, Lucy & Elly!

Ms. Nina, Lucy & Elly!


A Kansas native, TISSU owner/founder Nina Winter graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion (2011) from the Academy of Art University - San Francisco. Her time studying in San Francisco was a turning point in her fashion career, as the sustainable & eco-conscious city opened her eyes to the industry's harmful contributions (textile wastes, global warming, etc.). As a result, Nina started her own indie fashion label HAIKU to encourage fashion-conscious consumers to think twice about the effects of FAST FASHION - fashion that is cheap, quickly discarded & unrealistic buying/purchasing cycles.

Her passion for the Slow Fashion Movement, textiles & love of everything handmade also led her to create TISSU, a charming & inspiring "sew-space" to design your own garments and/or recreate your favorite wardrobe pieces. Locals & visitors alike are encouraged to take a much needed break - from their phones, technology, stresses of modern living - in order to reconnect with their imagination & innate creativity. Her goal is to empower women & children (and men!) through the art of sewing & fashion design.

Through humble beginnings - her family fled war-torn Vietnam in 1977 & landed in KS with the help of selfless strangers - Nina learned how to view life in color & see the beauty in all things, people & places. She is a humanitarian advocating mindful living, environmental & animal protection, human rights, local/global artisan communities & most importantly, helping others see the beauty within themselves & the world around them.

She also credits the greatest movie ever made, The Wizard of Oz, as her timeless source of inspiration. With its beloved characters, prismatic hues & heartfelt storytelling, its simple message still rings true today:  Dreams really do come true. In her spare time, Nina enjoys mentoring youth & teens, reading, writing, traveling & teaching at Ganesh Yoga Studio in Wichita.


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