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KawaiiCT Halloween Costume Party by PAPERCUTE

LES COSTUMES // papercute

WHAT: "KawaiiCT" costume party hosted by PAPERCUTE
WHERE: TISSU Sewing Studio
WHEN: Final Friday 10/28/16 5pm-8pm

Cute art, cute fashion & all things Kawaii costume party by the talented local ladies @Papercute! Mark your calendars more details to come! So cute!!!
kəˈwī adjective
Origin: Japanese.

1. Cute (in the context of Japanese popular culture).
"She paints elephants that are extremely kawaii."

2. The quality of being cute or items that are cute.
"Even in a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo, kawaii is everywhere."

"Papercute is a two women duo, An and Giang, who love to make kawaii things. An is our jewelry and accessories designer and Giang is our graphic and web designer.

We make origami jewelry, animal ears headbands (cat, bunny, bear), and stationery. Our style ranges from bohemian to gothic to cute to alternative rave wear! Many of our wearable items are very versatile to different styles. Our stationery is inspired by pop culture whether it be Japanese or general. The artwork is generally kawaii anime style art and we occasionally have some pieces that will promote Asian cultures. " PAPERCUTE