The Art of Draping.


*Draping Demonstration on Final Friday 7/25/14 6:30p-9p. FREE!

In fashion design, "draping" is the process of creating an actual garment or pattern directly on a dress form. To begin, use a design from your own fashion sketch. Or, use your fabric's natural properties as a design basis, playing around with it's natural drape & structure. There are many detailed steps to the actual "draping" process (for example, if you were to design a wedding gown from scratch). 

For now, to get your creative juices flowing, let's test out this initial draping exercise. It's quick, fun & you're able to create a stylish yet functional garment in just minutes!

Draped shawl by Nina Winter Design (2013)

Draped shawl by Nina Winter Design (2013)